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Click Here for Assessing and Property Tax Information


Gail Dolbee, MAAO, MPPE 

Land Division Services   Contact  Assessor, Gail Dolbee at 989-818-0614

Property Ownership Information Call the Township Hall on Mondays during business hours and ask for the Assessor, Gail Dolbee or Deputy Assessor, Megan VanHoose

Tax Assessment Call the Assessor, Gail Dolbee or Deputy Assessor, Megan VanHoose at 608-799-3805.


Linda Ruwersma, CMMC, CMC

Cemetery   For burial information for Eureka Township Cemetery.

Voter Registration   To confirm your registration you may come into the Eureka Township Hall during business hours Monday through Thursday or visit www.michigan.gov/vote.

Voting/Election Records   Call the Township Hall on Monday through Thursday for information.


Cindy Hansen, CPFA


Winter/ Summer Hours: 

Monday through Friday (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) 


WINTER— December 1st— February 28th 

SUMMER— July 1st— September 14th 

Please mail the payment coupon (Winter and/or Summer) to: Eureka Charter Township Treasurer: 9322 S. Greenville Rd, Greenville, MI 48838. Make check payable to: Eureka Charter Township Treasurer 

Please mail the bottom portion only of your tax bill. DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL 

Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like a receipt. 

MULTIPLE PARCELS If paying on two or more parcels, you may combine all amounts in one check and mail in one envelope with all payment coupons. 

PARTIAL PAYMENTS Can be made at any time. 


SUMMER TAXES: are mailed on July 1st of each year. They are due no later than September 14th, after that one percent interest is added per month. As of March1st you must contact the Montcalm County Treasurer to pay the delinquent taxes. 

WINTER TAXES: are mailed on December 1st each year. They are due no later than Feb. 14th. Penalties and interest will be applied to taxes unpaid as of March 1st, you must contact the Montcalm County Treasurer if your taxes are not paid by this date. 


All tax bills are mailed to the Owner of Record. If your taxes are escrowed, you should send your tax bill to your mortgage lender immediately. Most mortgage companies contact us for amounts, if you are unsure, contact your mortgage company. 

ADDRESS CHANGES: Write in address changes on payment coupon or mail address change or email change to eurekatreas@yahoo.com


NEED TO BE PURCHASED AT MONTCALM COUNTY TREASURER’S OFFICE CALL 989-831-7334 OR GO ONLINE AT www.montcalm.org/government/county_treasurer for application.

Zoning and Code Enforcement Administrator

Mark Wilkin

Burning Permits  Contact Mark to obtain a burning permit.  If you have previously obtained a burn permit you may call hall on weekends and leave message with name and address and telephone number on voicemail .  You MUST Contact Central Dispatch to report your burning before you burn at: 616-225-8500.

Zoning Permits   Find out how your property is zoned and obtain Site Plan Approval Permit for new construction and/or remodel.


Other Services

Airport  10593 SW Greenville Rd, Greenville, MI 48838 Contact City of Greenville for any further information.

Fire Department   Contracted to the City of Greenville.

Police/Sherriff   Contracted to the Montcalm County Sheriff's Department      Central Dispatch  616-225-8500.

Road Repair/Maint.   Contracted to Road Commission for Montcalm County in Stanton.

Schmiedicke Farm   Nathan Schmiedicke has an organic farm and will take all the leaves anyone wants to donate.  Mr. Schmiedicke mulches with compost made from leaves.  He only asks that residents DO NOT leave plastic bags, boxes, or any other containers behind.  Mr. Schmiedicke's farm is located at 6705 W. County Line Road, (Montcalm Avenue).  Follow the signs posted on his property.

Tax Collection  Call the Township Hall on Fridays during business hours and ask for Treasurer, Cindy Hansen or Deputy Treasurer, Deb Carnahan.

Temporary Activity Permits   Applications are located in the forms tab of this website